Welcome to the Huntsville Location!


Our second location provides all arts found on the about page, from what we hope to be an even more convenient location! Below you will see a list of our instructors currently teaching here, and what they teach. You will find links to the Triad Huntsville social media, hours, and directions provided by google maps. If you would like to set up an appointment, call the number seen below! 

(256) 509 - 5201


Here you can see our weekly hours, the Dojo is always available for extra practice sessions to enrolled and attending students. To schedule an extra practice session, call the number above. If you are interested in trying out a class, come to the Dojo during any of the scheduled class times and our staff will happily get you on the mats as quick as possible. Don’t forget, the first week trial is 100% free! 

We recommend that you add this calendar to your google calendar, so you can easily check class times, events, and evaluation days!above